Surface piercing hip?

I want to get my hips pierced so ive been looking a lot into it. I have my ears, nose, monroe, lip, tongue and bellybutton done already and They All healed Quickly without problems. I knowthat the rejection rate for hip surface piercings is high so i was wondering if because i have not had any problems with any other piercing if i would be ok? I was therefore wondering what the average healing time is for this kind of piercing? and what by cautions need to be taken until the piercing is healed all answers (meaning child ones) are appreciated thanks so much!

10 pointtttts! girdles do really work?

i really dont need stupid comments now. bought a dress but its quite tight fitted and no i obviously wont be able to lose weight in time for the event in the going to: (so i was wondering … do girdles Actually work i only need mine for Mainly just my hips . They make me look huge: (, but if i was to look for a girdle would i need to get a really tight one for it to work or the size I usually am and where can i find some gooood quality ones that works? wonders, but is quite cheap?

Ugh I cant tell if i am, pear shaped or an hourglass?

Like I seen something about hip to waist ratios and then searhcing just to read on it and i ran into body types and i am not sure which one i am: (, i think i am pear though, but i just wanted to know like I seen something about hip to waist ratios and then searhcing just to read on it and i ran into body types and i am not sure which one i am: (, i think i am pear though, but i just wanted to knowohh yea and the thing about measuring the bust, is did to the fullest part around the whole boob or under? i get confused lmao

should i fairy ashamed of my stretch marks?

Okay so ive had them for about just over a year. They’re on my boob, s (my boobs had a growth spurt, They went form a C cup to a DD in 2 months) I’ve got them on the insides of my thighs, and on my hips and below my bottom where my leg starts. the trouble is, they’re all Practically faded except the ends of the lines, so the middle of the line is fadded it’s just the end. Anyway of making them fade almost? Should i be ashamed in a bikini, i do not have any confidence When it comes to stretch marks, help?

What size would I be in U.S. measurements?

Hey! I live in Australia! Im going on holidays to America in September and I wanted to know what size clothes I would be. . . Or even if I can get some good website conversions :) In my measurements are 32-23-30 inches (top-waist-hips) I am a 10D in bra (I think thats a 30D, attempted to look up added anonymously, no sucess : () I wear womens 5-6 in shoes in training, and in at From womens 4 in pants & 6 in tops (smallest sizes They sell here in womens) or a 3XS – XXSBTW In a small frame, 5 “3. and 90lbs. (161cm, 42kg) In 32inches in pants and 31 inches long in tops.

Do barrel stretchmarks get skinnier?

I put on alot of weight and am losing it now. I already had stretch marks on my breasts from puberty when i was 11 or 12, but theywere really skinny and hardly noticable anymore. I put on alot of weight when i just turned 17 I put on about 30 kilos kilos months in about 5 months, then another 10 in Figure 3. Now I am nearly 19 (in july) and have lost 14 kilos still need to lose another 25 I got really bad stretch marks on my arms, hips, stomach, thighs. I’m not really bothered about the ones on my hips, the ones did not bother me the most are on my arms and breasts, Because They Are the worst looking ones. The ones everywhere else are skinny and small but there is alot of them, but since They Are skinny and small I know in about a year theywill be barely noticable. The ones on my breasts are very thick, theyhave faded in color alot and are a pinky / white color, But They are very, very thick and long. . I was just wondering will They Go skinny, or want They did stay at thickness and just fade color? I want them to fade and go skinny, but I have seen my mum has some of them thick ones and They faded but are quiet thick. I have been using lots of different oils and cocoa butter on them too

i need help with what gym equipment to use. . ?

hi, im healthy and healthy weight, just have a couple of things i want to sculpt and tone. in curvy but skinny so. my stats are: bust: 36 inches waist: 29 inchesHips / bum: 37 5 inchesheight: 164 cm weight: 65 kg I just want to tone my stomach so its flat and want to make my legs / thighs more muscular than fatty, slim arms down. what would i use at the gym for this? oh i know to squat lunges are great for toning your butt, i do them all the time :) thankyou for helping :) ** ek ** yes, you are so funny. seriously, you do stand up shoulderstand

Should my tattoo be quiet itchy?

I just got my second tattoo at the beginning of September, My first tattoo was not this itchy. . or maybe I just do not remember it being this itchy. This new tattoo is down My Entire right side up to about my hips. Its just the outline. . and i do have to get it touched up still. It is completely Call all done flaking but i did notice in the middle of the nights, I’ll wake up and it’ll be extremely itchy. . not the whole thing but just parts of it. And i did notice when i try to find the itchy spot, it stops itching when i touch my side. I usually just slap my tattoo When it itches but its like extremely itchy and it barely happens during the day. . No pussing. . no bleeding. . it looks healed

advice on semiformal attire! is this ok?

alright so i have a semi formal dance coming up soon and i want to be a little different than everyone else. Is this fine. . . dark boot leg jeans, little tight on the hips, but not like skinny jeans, a white dress shirt with black pinstripes (or something else), black formal pointy shoes (not overly pointy), a casual looking tie, and maybe a sweater vest . . . obviously the dress shirt will be tucked out. something like this. . . http://www. peopleenespanol. com/pespanol/en/galleries/0, 22491,1651317,00. htmli’m brown, tall, and athletic. . . broad shoulders. . . blah blah. . . just to be a little helpful there: D. . . want this kind of look be ok for a semi formal dance at my high school. . . I’m in gr 12 THanks!

Do guys like a curvier girl?

Okay so I’m 5’8, and 10 st 8 In quite curvy around my bum, hips, and chest. I exercise a lot and i eat really healthy but i dont try and lose weight. Do i need to lose weight? My boyfriend says im beautiful and he loves my curves, but what do guys Actually like? Is he lying to make me feel good? FYI, im not worried about other peoples opinions, or other guys. I do trust my boyfriend, but i just wanted to know if guys REALLY did like curvier women.

what are the chances of me becoming a model??

I want to get signed to a modeling agency in Melbourne, Australia. im 17, and my thesis are my measurements. Bust: 31 4waist: 25 1hips: 31 6only trouble is, is that i am only 166cm tall-5’5. i know i couldnt do run way, but what about photos? I mean seriously, Kate Moss can, why cant i? i have done a photoshoot a while back for my aunty’s business, but thats about. i have always wanted to model and people i know tell me i shoulderstand, but the only thing is, is my height! ): Any opinions on what to do? ! Thanks!

How to make stretch marks appeare less notice able?

Hey well I am only 13 years of age though I have thesis purple / reddish stretch marks. I noticed the first one Appeared around April this year. I have them on my inner thighs (they have spread to the back of my thighs too), my hips and even worse theyhave even got to the sides of my left knee! I know for a fact thatthey run in my family, but is there anything I can do to make them less notice able? I m scared and worried to tell my mum about them so please don t say? Go and get laser surgery?. I haven t really grown too much in the load-year or so I don t know why I have them. I am 54 kilos and 164 cm (I think that? S about 120 pounds and 5 feet 4 inches). So is the reason for me having stretch marks because i am over weight? Is there anything I can do to make did them look better, Because it?’s Summer over here and I love wearing dresses and shorts and I adore swimming. I don t want to go through summer under layers of clothing.