WHAT JERSEY????????????????

If u go on youtube and type in chris brown on tyra show he talks about his movie STOMP THE YARD and on the show he is wearing a jersey wat jersey is it and where can i buy it??
http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=v2t6oj0vfkI

thats the link

Piercing advice please?

I’m really wanting another piercing, but not quite sure what to get I have a few ideas in mind but still not positive. I already have my tongue and lip done, I want something unique and fun, my pain tolerance isn’t that bad either. Advice please? Preferably not something on my face though.

When i Grow up i Want to be. . . ?

We have a school dance tomorow and the theme is ‘when i grow up i want to be. . . ‘
i dont know what to choose. i want to be a flight attendant or a dancer but im not really sure what to wear.

P. S. has anyone seen the blues brothers? i have a kool outfit which is a girl take on that. aka blues sisters. it looks totally awesome but i dont know what to call it. i’d like to wear something that people havent seen me in before. – the guy that i like is going so i want to make an impression ;)
BTW i go to a catholic school. lol. so no stipper.

high fashion modelling?

HI. i just wanted to know what are the requirements for high fashion models like the ones on the runways and in vogue. i am 179cm and 50-51 kg and i am 13. my measurements are 31-23-32 i have high cheekbones and big eyes as well as a square face with a strong jawline? is that okay? thanx xx

I have this really weird dip in my hip, its between my hip and legs and im needing help!?

Okay so its really hard to explain what it is because i really dont have any idea. .

but basically i have this dip in my hip that makes me look like a have a permanent muffin top, and i wouldnt usually be bothered by this because its not to bad when i wear trackies or jeans because they sit comfortably in the dip. But its when i want to go and wear a nice dress, the dip is really really obvious, and it makes me feel fat, unattractive and just gross i loose all confidence in myself.

Is there anyway i can get rid of it because it really does bother me.