Best jeans for no hips with love handles?

I am having a hard time finding jeans that work with my body type. I have a tiny pelvis, which makes me have no hips, I dip in where hips should be. I’ve had two kids so I have love handles. Before I had my second child I could wear the low rise jeans that are so much in style but now I am having a horrible time finding ones that stay on my hips without creating a huge muffin top. And I have long legs (I’m 5’8″) if it matters. Thanks in advance!

One thought on “Best jeans for no hips with love handles?

  1. I have a similar build and I couldn’t find any jeans that fit right either, until I found custom made jeans. I get mine at Make Your Own Jeans. They’re only $48.00 and you have total control over the style, fit, cut, rise, length, everything. I just love them. You even have choices of different cute pockets and other embellishments. They look great and they’re so comfortable because they fit perfectly.

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