Can you help me find shirts to hide my chest tattoo?

I have a chest tattoo and I just got hired at Old Navy. I am going to have to wear high-neck shirts and tops everyday I work. I need to buy some and if anyone knows where I can find some( what stores) that would be great. Please include links to sites or names of stores. Also I live in Arizona. Thanks.

Also,I don’t want to hear about how I should have never gotten the tattoo. I love it, it has deep meaning and I have never and would never regret it.

3 thoughts on “Can you help me find shirts to hide my chest tattoo?

  1. polo necks?
    erm, just clothes shops, get simple ones and jazz them up with jewlery
    or ask if you can show it off…


    That one’s from aeropostale… but maybe you might not be allowed to wear another store’s emblem?? i don’t really know. But all the shirts on there are cute!

    this one’s from american eagle, it’s a little expensive, but you can always wear it over again with cute jeans, and you definitely could not see your tattoo because it’s a pullover sweatshirt. There’s other cute one’s on there too, but i thought this one was the cutest, plus it didn’t have a noticeable emblem on it.

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