what kind of dress to wear when attending a wedding?

I’m attending a friends wedding in September and am not sure what kind of dress would be appropriate. The wedding is in the afternoon and will probably continue into the evening. Any suggestions would be great.

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  1. well i would say a dress going up to your knees or so. they style will always be in no matter what. try going to your local mall and just borwsing in the shops and stuff. also tj maxx, marshalls, as wright, and stores lik that have really cute dresses too!

  2. Some basic requirements for dresses to wear to weddings:
    -at least knee length, if not, right above the knee
    -not black (black is a mourning color)
    -not white (you don’t want to look like the bride)
    -avoid ivory, navy blue, that could look like black or white

    Good colors:
    pink, orange, purple, yellow, light blue, green

    Since it might be a little chilly, bring a cardigan or pashmina.
    Have fun :)

  3. While this is obvious, there is always the occasional person that forgets not to wear anything white or ivory. White is reserved for the bride. Anyway, if you are a prominent guest (a relative or very good friend), and happen to know the wedding colors, you can wear something in that color range as long as it’s not too close to the bridesmaids’ dresses. Otherwise, just be sure that the dress is neither too casual nor so fancy that it becomes tacky (think unfortunate high school prom dresses). An afternoon or evening wedding requires a dress that is knee-length or longer, and the dress should never be too strappy. Also, ensure that your dress is not very embellished: drawing attention away from the bride is a generally bad idea, even if its unintentional. Silks, taffetas and eyelet cottons are all great options, especially for early fall. Also, be sure to stick with the colors of the season.

    A website like this might help you out:
    http://www. newport-news. com/shop/category_splash. aspx?the-dress-boutique&gp_coll_id=9&gp_cat_id=1649&gp_fashcoll_id=10&s_kwcid=wear%20to%20a%20wedding%7C2855400293

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