As a skinny 14-year-old can get a big butt, thighs and hips?

Where I live in a lot of people as larger piston on girls. I am a 14 years old, skinny, I wear a size 1-3 jeans, and about 5’4. What foods and exercises can help me to reach a large butt, bigger thighs, hips and bigger? I really want to know!

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  1. Trust me. If you want to have it, you do not need. What you have sounds perfect for you guys and would anywhere else to think so.

  2. lololol hilarious. I think dont u can get a bigger ass of excersising can u ur ass machen.eatin tight tho excersising by fast-food-n-n chips will make something like u have a bigger butt, belly, thighs, hips. My suggestion is, who cares if a lot of people as larger piston on gurls were u live. im sure theres a few guys who does not really matter how big ur @ ss

  3. If you’re naturally thin, you’re not one of those things. You can not target weight gain. It is all over, or in the places you do not want. . how to make your stomach.

  4. ew this is so sick! That is also very unhealthy. . . Start eating tons of Burger King. . . exercise but also so that you get all the extra fat away. . .

  5. You are probably like to look at your mother and other relatives. You can only with what you dealt go! Plus, you are growing not done, you will grow to about junior high eating as well and no diet.

  6. Time and patience, it hurts to hear but I promise you one day if you’re in your 20’s are you’ll wonder how I come back down to a size 3? When I was your age, I was a size zero , and for the most part, I had a boyish figure, but then my hips at the age of 17 extended and I took in weight (30), when I 19 pounds, where everyone, including the places you mentioned rotated. Our bodies change as we age, please enjoy your weight loss, because the older you get the harder it is, of course, remain so;). If you eat right before you go to bed put on weight, but you are in it made until your belly. Men are from hip ratio atrrtacted waist.

  7. So would you run the risk of obesity for half a second look, some guy that wants only get in your pants? Hmm, Thats how stupid you are to stay, I know what the guys think of these big butted girls, for in a guy and I tell you what we are thinking: “Hmm, I wonder how many people they were with, and how can I get it” Well, stay who you are.

  8. It’s all genetics. If you are naturally thin and not on weight gained no weight there you try to put it in the end to your Bauch.Eine lot of people like slim, supple and girls (the look is very elegant, and you can deduct many types of clothing without your body is working against you), I think those big tits and ass are just louder, like it.

  9. eat some protein, potassium, calories, and walk or jog a lot (like 5 miles per week added to two miles every two weeks)

  10. Sweetheart, come with a guy worth, and as for yourself, not because of what every other guy likes a girl. Enjoy being thin would like to be so many people without trainieren.Und you trust me, you’re only 14, your body has not yet fully developed, let nature takes its course, you are in a young woman in a more comprehensive few years, blossom, not to be in a hurry. I use to lean a little girl when I was your age, as well, and now my body has changed, I have hips and a butt. But before I even think I met my husband, and he loved me for what I, what I had then and now he loves me for what I got to know you habe.Genießen your small thin frame, I see not anything wrong with it would be thin, I think it overlooks a petite young lady to be cute.

  11. just eat normally and excersize, it will come if you build muscle and it will not be slack :-)

  12. I am 36 years old. My butt is as small as flat. So its look verry ugly. Mypenis also small at about 5 inches. My wife insult me for these. If any remady I can cure from the lessfitness.

  13. well im the one who wanted a bigger butt ,but this is what i do to try and get it bigger i eat lots of burgers n i do about 160 situps a week so is that good i mean i havent seen any results i really need help cuase i have a guy who likes me but i dont wanna see him until i get bigger hips n bigger bigg thats all i want is it so hard to be perfect

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