How long will it take to grow my hair to my waist?

I have layers, my hair is finely structured, and it is blond. It is already on my bra strap. Also, how long to grow my layers out. I used to have blunt bangs (or whatever you call it, the bangs that are growing in the front of the forehead) and I had to stand side bangs and I want those who grow auch.Ich am 5 ‘6 ‘I said, 5 ” 6

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  1. from the time that I cut my hair, the length, where it is now (lower back, almost my waist) I took about a year and a half. but it depends on the length between the tip of ur ur hair to the waist. I mean, one person, 4’s “1” would be of someone 6 ’10 I am 5′ 7 if the hilft.ein good way to grow ur hair faster ur hair in the shower while shampooing massage. also try not ur hair cut lengths, no major damage — not so ur hair! This means trying to urself by straightening or curling limit. or if u buy, a few hair heat protectant – u spray it on, and then use the curling iron / hair straightener is wont damage ur hair.:) hope that helped! good luc!

  2. It depends on how far the hair now compared to how far it is from your hips, hair usually grows on average half an inch per month think so, you wanted the math thats 6 inches per year, I now advise and to say I am, your hair is at the bottom of your bra under your breast line. . . right? If so, then like maybe 2 years thats 1 foot of growth, but you need to do to trim to prevent split ends from traveling up the hair and fraying and thats where this fly aways.

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