How Can I Spread My Hips And Get A Bigger Booty?

if u dnt kno tha answer or cant help dont post anything. I dont need any negativity at all please. Also im from Tx so not all come super thick. I need some useful information that i can take into action as soon as possible

17 thoughts on “How Can I Spread My Hips And Get A Bigger Booty?

  1. The only thing I know of is to have a baby! Since that would be an extreme way to handle it I would suggest gaining a little weight and working out the muscles of that area to get really firm and big. Good luck!

  2. You might not like this answer but oh well…

    If you weren’t blessed with it, be happy without it. If you’re trying to gain more attention from men, you are really selling yourself short.

    Be happy with what you’ve got (or don’t have)…

    Bigger body parts won’t make you a better person.

  3. whats up Miss Texas , Im miss dallas in the house
    I got that junk in my trunk but what I DO and I tell my daughter the same cause for some rason it skipped her leg squats
    it makes you but stick out far ooooh and apple bottom jeans
    remeber we are texas queens

  4. Do squats! They lift the booty and make it appear bigger. You could try stair climbing as well..try exercises that work your thighs and butt.

  5. Ummmmm have tons of sex, the old fashioned way, or maybe ride you all one of those huge horses…..lmfao!

  6. Well my measurements are 36, 27, 55 (I got booty). Honey it’s all in the gene’s. All of the females in my family got big booties. If u are meant to have a big booty then u will. If u are skinny you may want to put on a few pounds. Otherwise fake it until you make it. Get some booty jeans that are going to fill out that booty. Good Luck.

  7. do it doggy style often, i am so for real my body changed so fast when that became the new favorite position people at my job started crackin jokes about my butt and saying im bottom heavy and pear shaped, it was so twilight zone, i was like,”me? bottom heavy?, and when i stopped doin it doggy styleit my hips and butt started to narrow out and flatten out again, i was like hell naw started doin it doggystyle every other night again and we back in bizniz im 1/2 blk n filipino and i always had more of a filipino build than a black one but i always wanted a black one because im closer to that side of me u can get it, doggystyle, trust me

  8. well eat alot of carbs, and be lazy and dont work out just sit around all day, thats what ive done and i have wider hips and a nicer thicker booty, but of course its mostly genes, i take it after my moms just bein lazy got me more thicker and wider, but u can also get those jeans that have padding in the butt part that gives u a nicer booty

  9. I used to be 122 lbs at 5’9 inches and now I am 184 lbs, three kids later and having a big booty ain’t what its cracked up to be. If its big now it will be bigger later. Yeah, I get attention from men but, that is not the attention you want. All women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful.

  10. Balance diet is so important if you want a healthy lifestyle and a longer life.’`-

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