How do I keep my jeans from riding down?

My jeans are tight but for some reason, they always slide down on my butt and sag. i can’t wear a belt cuz it wouldn’t look good under my shirt. i see girls wearing jeans without belts that stay tight on their butts and i was wondering, how?

7 thoughts on “How do I keep my jeans from riding down?

  1. Possibly because the belt you are wearing has a very large buckle which is causing it from not looking good under your shirt. I think you should try buying the very skinny belts, they will not show from under your shirt. You may also be buying jeans that are too big in the waist area. Another reason for your sagging jeans is because you are flat in the butt.

  2. Your butt is either flat. Or the waist on your jeans is too big. Or you’re wearing cheap stretchy jeans. Try going for non-stretch.

  3. it might be that your butt’s too skinny. but try wearing a belt of thin material and with a small buckle. also, take opportunities to go to the bathroom and lift your pants lol. you could also try getting your jeans taken in at the waist because it seems to me that the waist is too big.

  4. Try different jeans. The right cut will work for you. I have this problem with a lot of jeans also, but there are a few out there that work great for me, I just have to shop around and find the right fit. When you try them on sit down, move around for a few minutes in them to see what works. Don’t buy what doesn’t fit your body type right.

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