How do i prevent my jeans from ripping?

I bought these jeans in september, and they are my favorite pair. I bought them from AE and they are starting to wear out in the knee ( where my jeans usually rip) is there anything I can do to them to keep them non-ripped?

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  1. don’t wear them as much. washing them makes them get thin, hence, rippedge. so, even though you like them, try not to wear them as much.

  2. Well a lot of the jeans in AE are pre ripped so I’m not surprised that other pairs are ripping too. I suggest trying a different store, or trying a larger size or longer jeans, they could be too short for your legs.

  3. Stitch it inside out so the stitches arnt visible… Dont wear them as often… or you could stitch a cloth (like a piece of fabric) behind the knee area… IMO its not a big deal it looks nice like that =)

  4. Unfortunately sometimes there is just nothing you can do..I have found that most AE jeans are too thin.. so if you stretch or wash to much.. they rip.

    I had this one pair I loved look like it was going to rip. So I turned the pants inside out and sewed a square patch from each hem on either side, and it was long enough to cover my whole knee.

    It seemed to be like extra support and you couldn’t tell. I would use either a thicker strong fabric or a jean. Its really cheap and fairly easy. and if you don’t want to do it yourself you can go to a seamstress

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