How does a 19 year old turning 20 dress these days? People say I dress to young?

I can say I dress kind of young and I’m trying to mature better. I just started college in march and I’m needing to become a lady. Examples on how I dress is I wear a lot of Roca Wear and Baby Phat. I make shore my shoes match very well with my outfit and I wear pink and all sorts of other colors. I mean should I be wearing perfessional clothing or what?

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  1. People just dress normally for college…you don’t need to dress up, and you’ll look funny if you do it a lot.

    I see people wearing Roca Wear, not so much Baby Phat though.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with wearing the brands, I have a pair of Baby Phat sneakers myself & in college. If your in college I just wouldn’t dress up too much. In college, people dress more casual, ie jeans, sweatshirts, and occasionly dress up somewhat. It’s not really so much about the brand, but how you dress it up.

  3. I’m 19 (turning 20 in a few days), and I wear stuff like that, too. That doesn’t sound too young to me unless you’re matching ALL the time. If you do a whole Rocawear suit in one color with shoes and a bag that matches, that might be too young, y’know? lol.

    You definitely don’t need to wear professional clothes and all that, but try out different looks and mix and match some stuff. Lots of jeans, with basic tees, printed tees, cute shirts, fun jewelry, cute shoes. Without actually SEEING what you wear, I don’t exactly know what to say, but it seems like you’re not TOO far off, just try to vary it up a lil bit.

    I dunno if that helped or not, but I tried, lol. See ya!

  4. HEy well i guess im answering late but im also 20 now & dressing like yourself is key! yeah college style is more relaxed becuase students really have so little time & money for fashions. few tricks are to figure out your skin tone (cool or warm) so you know your colors. fit know your size not to tight or loose & is matchy matchy find clothing that goes by contrasting colors or picking from the same palette can be mixed & matched so you pack less clothing & shoes. Try clothes on before buying saves you trouble 20 yr olds can get away with anything just dont dress like your in high school(short shorts) be put together. no professional clothing yet i read somewhere no striped pants before 23 so your good to go. always dress approachable but most of all this is the time to start building your own personal style. best of luck!

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