How should I dress like a nerd for homecoming week?

I’m a girl, and I don’t have any “nerdy” clothes. I don’t wear glasses either. Tomorrow is Nerd Day at my school for homecoming week, and I need help on how I should dress up for it. So can you guys please give me some ideas on how to dress nerdy tomorrow?

7 thoughts on “How should I dress like a nerd for homecoming week?

  1. wear loose fitting clothes.when i think of nerds,1st thing that comes 2 my mind is loose,not fitting khakhi pants,a white shirt(buttoned nnd button it all the way 2 the top),wear a vest.oh nd dont forget the glasses.

  2. “Nerd Day”…Man, that’s a pretty condescending idea for a school event. I suppose you’ll have people show up wearing glasses. Because wearing glasses = nerd, right?

    I’d like to see the student council who came up with such an idea.

    Yeah, I’m ranting. Still, kind of an elitist attitude to encourage. All the cool kids can put away their Hollister clothes for the day.

  3. wear unmatching shoes layer clothes try to find some fake glasses. also wear some jeans and put shorts over them.

  4. Fany pack pig tails with the twisty hair ties and clips suspenders untied shoes different colored high socks Shirt backwards glasses with tape freckles drawn on

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  6. Our school is also having a Nerd Day (Today) for Homecoming week. I don’t have ANYTHING that i can wear for it.

  7. do braids. two braids. white shirt. big glasses. small earings tht dont hang around. no jewelery. not to much makeup. skirt would be fine or capri.

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