How to dress like a senior citizen?

We’re having this dress up week for school and tomorrow we have to dress up like a senior citizen. I already have a sweater, pants, shoes, and socks that I can wear, but no clue what jewelry to wear or how to wear my hair. Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “How to dress like a senior citizen?

  1. definitely big costume jewelry.
    that’s a must if you’re going to be a senior.
    and i’d say do you’re hair in curls or a bun.

  2. Okay so middle part it if it isn’t already. Smooth it over your head in a u shape on each side, and put it into a bun. Maybe you should try putting some powder in your hair to make it look gray, I’ve done it before, washes off easily. Accesories? Try an assortment of brooches, pearls, and gold, NO BLING BLING!

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