How to get wider, more feminine hips for males?

Is there a surgery or something?
I’m not padding, I want some kind of permanent result.
I’m trying to get a more feminine body minus the breasts…

Any ideas?
I want hips cause I need a body that more matches my personality.
What you find appealing is nice to sit around and chat about, but it dosen’t really sway me.
I want to look the way I want to look for me, not others.

2 thoughts on “How to get wider, more feminine hips for males?

  1. Side leg lifts with weights and squats will work on the glutes. I think small hips are good. Instead of working on your hips, work on your waist to thin it just below the rib cage, which will result in the appearance of wider hips.

    41, female..Texas Native.

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