Is it appropriate to wear a light tan dress to a wedding?

Hi, I am going to a wedding in June and I bought a tan satin strapless dress that has black lace on the chest area, and I wanted to know if it would be wrong to wear it to a wedding? I don’t think it would be wrong, but when I showed my mom she said that you should never wear white or cream colored dresses to weddings. It is by no means white or cream, at all! I don’t want to feel out of place and I don’t go to many weddings. What does every one think? Especially an opinion from someone who had this happen to them! I mean isn’t the birde and all her guests going to be more concerned with the wedding than me anyway? Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Is it appropriate to wear a light tan dress to a wedding?

  1. if it is an outside wedding or at a place whichs big focal point is like a garden, it’ll probably be fine! sounds cute!

  2. When in doubt–don’t do it. There must be something about the dress that your mom thinks is inappropriate. Play it safe rather than upset the bride.


  3. It would be inappropriate to wear this dress to the wedding. It is considered disrespectful to the bride.

    At my wedding my grandmother showed up in this white silk suit… I don’t know why she did that… but everyone knows that this is something that just shouldn’t be done and it just made her look bad..

    Wear a darker dolor dress, and if its strapless, wear a little jacket to cover your shoulders.


  4. i think youre good as long as you dont wear a wedding gown, a slip, or in-mourning type clothes! sounds like a beautiful dress!

  5. I think you dress sounds darling and that you should wear it without hesitation. If you’d like to pair it with something else “just in case” consider wearing a long black scarf around your neck (silk or satin, preferrably the same material as the dress) or wear a wrap, off the shoulder, gathered at the elbows.. and shoes to match. You’ll look fab!

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