13 thoughts on “is it odd when the girl has bigger legs and hips than her boyfriend?

  1. no, not at all.
    I have nicely sized hips and a lil bigger legs and I think it looks good! ;) Anyone who looks at him then you is gunna think… what a lucky guy!! :)

  2. no theres no problem women have curves men dont ..and hunni i been with my man for 4 yaers and iam rteally curvy not fat but hes soo skinny it dont look werid at all trust me do you and enjoy your life hun !

  3. it depends how old you are. You shouldn’t worry about that kind of stuff though sweety.

  4. No, not at all, I’ve noticed this guys have SKINNY LEGS AND HIPS like crazy skinny, girls have curves, we’re not sticks

  5. Hell noo, guys are usually stick thin, and girls should be a tiny bit curvy, so it would be weird if he had bigger legs than you!

  6. don’t worry about it. Women are supposed to be a little bigger, we are the ones that have to carry a baby inside for about 9 months…..

    (me, mom who raised 5)

  7. Oh god no. women are suppose to have extra fat. Its perfectly healthy and normal for a girl to have bigger legs and hips than guys. And no it shouldn’t look weird, don’t worry about it.

  8. Ya, girls have bigger legs. My legs, hips, butt, calves, and thighs are substantially bigger than my boyfriends, and I’m 8 inches shorter. They are also much stronger. I think women are supposed to have stronger legs. Whenever my boyfriend and I wrestle, I put him in a headscissor and its over. He can’t handle me squeezing 20% of my power.

  9. Yeh, it is common that a women has bigger legs. Often stronger too. I can crush my GF when it come to upper body strength. Not the case with legs. Her legs seem a bit stronger but I have thin legs. Guys like women with curves and meat on their legs.

  10. Yeah women have to have stronger lower bodies(in relation to there upper body) due to the fact they gotta carry a baby around- keeps them from toppling/falling over and protects the baby. Men are the exact opposite- wider, muscular shoulders/expanded chest/stronger arms. Protects the women etc. Dominoe affect- that’s how it’s always been.

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