How do you get white lines out of dark jeans?

Most of my jeans are dark blue or black and I have been noticing lately that after I wash them 1-2 times they will start getting white crease things. . . I don’t know what to do and itskind of embarrasing so what I need is: how to get them out and how to prevent them from getting there in the 1st place. Thanks!

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    they’re fades. it happens where the jeans crease when you have them on. like by the pockets, the knees, whatever. you can’t reverse it nor can you prevent it. they’re jeans that’s how they work.

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    hematite, your an idiot, how does that help…
    try washing the jeans inside out, definatley helps, also hand washing in the bath tub, leave them to soak in warm water for about 15 mins then add a bit of detergent and gently swirl them around for about 2 mins. The other option is to get them dry cleaned but that costs a bit. From what i’ve read, only wearing the jeans for short periods of time (like when going out, then changing when you get back instead of lounging around in them) and not washing them for the first 6 months, (bit extreme if you ask me, but this is from Wrangler) leaving them in the freezer over night will stop the smell. But the main thing i’ve lernt is always was inside out.

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