What is the difference between girls and boys jeans jeans?

So there was this great thing I was wearing jeans girl, but it did no such thing as frills or designs or anything, what’s the difference? Rather confusing.

5 thoughts on “What is the difference between girls and boys jeans jeans?

  1. Girls jeans are tighter in general, and boys are locker.Auch the sizing is different. Girl jeans use smaller numbers. Not sure why, but. Psychologicalness?

  2. The Schnitt.Frauen (in general) have bigger hips, we have different proportions, our thighs different. Women also tend to be smaller, so that our small – made in a 30 women’s jeans will not be in the same Agreement. Length and the occasion will be different, on average, are women less than men, so long pants are not always necessary (but still for those that are larger) is created, and most men are not keen on wearing low rise jeans Stripper. Women’s Jeans fit closer to the body, as we have curves. Men do not have curves, her jeans basically gerade.Ich seriously do not see how it confusing. I mean, it’s pretty obvious when a man and a woman side by side, that their clothing is required to be not at all the same. While you might fit into girls jeans, they do not adjust the same as men’s jeans.

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