What jeans are good for men with big thighs / butt?

I have a relatively narrow waist, but I have big thighs and so it’s pretty hard for me to buy jeans. fit the waist jeans would be good for me, but there are small waist, expected that it would for a thin person, so the thighs then down at me, I do not like it. Sucks for me cuz then I have to a greater number in sizes, so it is big for me to wear at the waist, but good for me on the thighs, I’ve always really close to them belt. What kind of jeans should I wear (ie Style: bootcut, straight leg, ect …) Or is there a brand of jeans that would suit me?

5 thoughts on “What jeans are good for men with big thighs / butt?

  1. I would suggest, boot cut, because they tend to be roomier in the thigh and buttocks area. I know that Levi and Lee jeans her jeans cut slightly larger in these areas. I would also recommend that you consider jeans, that a darker wash. These jeans tend to share a body.

  2. My husband has the same problem. He is in love with buckle brand jeans! They adjust it for you so it really does not matter what size you get. He always get the bootcut ones.

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