What shirts look good with bootcut jeans?

I wore only skinny jeans but I wanted a pair of flare jeans. I bought a pair of flare jeans from Abercrombie and I don’t know what looks good with them. If you could please help me by putting pictures up :D
Thanks :)

8 thoughts on “What shirts look good with bootcut jeans?

  1. A t-shirt, tank top, hoodie or something that is form-fitting (that’s the key) is usually what I wear :)

  2. You can get a very wide variety of shirts, but what you really want to look for is proportion. If you’re petite up top you can try a shirt with some volume, but if you’re bigger up top you mightwant to try a more slimming shirt.

  3. With skinny jeans, longer and looser shirts look great. For boot cut and flare jeans, I would go with a fitted tshirt/long-sleeved shirt, or a flannel button-down.

  4. flares or Bootcut cause you have the question asking about bootcut.
    Bootcut like a button up plaid shirt
    Flares like a tank top
    http://www. abercrombiekids. com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10101&catalogId=10851&productId=651400&langId=-1&categoryId=12155&parentCategoryId=12103&colorSequence=03

    that one is cute

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