What store sells tall skinny jeans for girls?

I’m going to the mall tomorrow and I need to know for sure what stores sell TALL skinny jeans.
I’m 5’10 and I’m a girl and I need tall skinny jeans!
Please & thank you!

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  1. Tall girls look bad in those. Only shorter girls with slim bodies look good in them. Get some boot cut to make you look shorter. Women should not be tall.

  2. umm you buy them evey were who dosent sell them now a days

    i know pac sun sells them

    anchor blue

    and i think wet seal

  3. The Levi’s store has really cute skinny jeans they have them in Short, Med, Tall.
    Also JCPenny has super cute skinny jeans in Tall sizes.

    Happy Shopping :)

  4. jc penny
    pac sun having a sale 2 for 55 and some are 14. 99
    pretty much any where

  5. my best friend is 5’9″ and she tells me that the only store she can find jeans that fit her leg length are at abercrombie. you’re even taller than her (wow arent u lucky ]=) so i suggest abercrombie. but they are quite pricey. if abercrombie isnt ur style, buy them anyway. no one is gonna know

  6. H&M
    Abercrombie &Fitch
    Forever 21
    Charlotte Russe
    JC Penney
    TJ Maxx
    American Eagle

    There’s many, but thats just a few.

    hope that helps:)!

  7. Pac Sun.
    That’s where I get all my jeans.
    They last a long time.
    I get the long sizes too.
    I’m only 5’3″ but I have super long legs.
    Hope it helps.

  8. Any brand name store nowadays, lol. Rue 21 has a ton though, in all kinds of different styles and colors!

  9. First of all, to the person above, why would a tall girl look bad in skinny jeans?

    The only reason short girls wear them is because tall girls wear them on the runway, buddy.

    Delia’s has long sizes :)

  10. Are the stores mentioned above good for someone who is six feet, (with her height in her legs, not stomach)?

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