How long does it usually take for T-shirts to dry?

I do not know how my T-shirts shrink in the dryer, I think I’ll hang them to dry and Sun

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  1. usually a day! sometimes faster! I believe that my two dresses! if u take 2 make sure u want something to wash the day bfore U Want 2 Wear it!

  2. I hang my clothes, too. i usually only hang them at the end of the day b4 I go to bed, and they are dry by morning. I would hang them in the laundry room or a smaller room with the door. . Assuming you have the heat on, they should let it dry in a few hours. But be sure to use Downey fabric softener in the laundry or bc they will turn out, stiff

  3. It depends on the weather. . . and if you do them indoor or outdoor. In the winter when it is cold I will not say air drying it out as if it is really cold they freeze. In winter, they would have to put on a padded handle and hang it in the shower. . . to accelerate this process. . . Semi-dry them in the dryer and let it air dry the rest of the road. . . should overnight.

  4. This has lots of factors. What material is your t-shirt made of? How good does your washer spin out the water? How much sun and wind is your t-shirt going to get.

    I dry every thing on clothes drying racks, I don’t own a dryer any more. I do my laundry in the late evening and put my clothes under the ceiling fan in my living room and they are all dry by morning.

    Some times if I do laundry during the day on weekends and I am able to take them out side into the sun it only takes a few hours to get them dry.

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