What color shirts go with red or blue shorts?

I have camp for two weeks and I only have 2 pairs of shorts. You are Soffe’s. One pair is red and the other pair is dark blue. I need easy, normal T-shirts. What colors would go well with the color-Shorts? If you have any links, I would like for you to send them:) ps. Examples from stores like Walmart are preferred

6 thoughts on “What color shirts go with red or blue shorts?

  1. mmm I want a white tank top with blue shorts and the red hmmmm should I wear with a dark blue or go shitrt perhaps a black tank top:)

  2. White and / or black goes well with red and white and some light. As a light gray. Goes well with your Dark Blue.

  3. I like red and pink, orange, dark blue, (not in yellow with red, you’ll like McDonalds look), with light blue or aqua blue, green or blue. If you can not try them at Walmart, Target or Kmart then, Old Navy.und then of course there is gray, white and black.

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