Why are there armpit crystals in all of my old T-shirts?

This is something that is puzzling me for years. If I leave one of my shirts in a drawer or on a hanger for a season or two and then pull him to wear it, it has big, small, shiny, white crystallization around the armpit area. Well, I assume it is from my deodorant (Right Guard), to a certain degree, but I always wash my clothes before her away. Anyone else have this problem or know a solution?

7 thoughts on “Why are there armpit crystals in all of my old T-shirts?

  1. Its your deodorant, but I do not really have a solution for you. Try spraying with the armpits before you shout something perhaps in the window?

  2. I think to wash certain deodorants difficult to remove than others. I think they lie when they market to them clearly as “clear.” Degree also has traces of my shirt, these are really hard to remove, especially since the label says, “always wash in cold water.” Try to wash it in lukewarm if possible. Try deodorant types, and you might try your brand of detergent.

  3. from his sweat. . . . theres salt in your sweat. . . . . so when it dried salt crystals remain

  4. Yes, its probably your deodorant. I had the same problem for a while, but then my mother has these things as “Gal Pals” (they are round like those pink sponge type thing I guess) and everything you need to do is rub it on the shirt, where is the deodorant brand and it should go away. It worked for me so I think it should work for you. Im not sure where they got it, but maybe you can it on the Internet on Google or similar to find.

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