Are you aware of the girls shoe dangling trick?

Girls, women are most aware that dangling your shoe off the tips of your toes is a flirting technique? I’ve read a lot of times that if a girl slips her shoe off and dangles it that she is interested in you. Is this true? Is this something you do on purpose and you are aware of it’s attraction? Have you done it?

7 thoughts on “Are you aware of the girls shoe dangling trick?

  1. no i can not say that i have done it. i do not believe that there are specific things you do to flirt with a guy, like dangling your shoe. i think that you should not have to dangle your shoe to show a guy your interested. you should be able to flirt naturally and make your interest without having known little specific actions to tell him. I’ve done this before. . . but not to flirt, just because the heel of my shoe was bugging me.

  2. forever i do that at work but, its not cause i am flirting, its cause my shoes are a bit big! i have never used it as a flirting technique though.

  3. i have heard of this, and truly, almost all girls do it out of boredom, or animal or to big shoes, wearing nylons and typically causes your heels to slip off easier. however. . . a lot of guys have a shoe fetish, heels are sexy i mean, why not right? so i am guilty of watching a guy catching my foot dangling my heel and it can be fun to watch him sweat over something so effortless, FOR GIRLS: Try it! off its a lot of fun and harmless, if you see a guy staring at your feet / heels / whatever, it can be fun to dangle them, roll your heels in even slip em on and. . you never even have to say anything to him (or her?)

  4. o. O I’ve never done that with the intention of flirting with someone. . . . It’s just more comfortable if I’ve been walking around all day or something. Did not realize guys thought I was flirting with them when I did that. XD

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