How do I keep converse shoe tongue slides to the side?

I have a pair lt Converse All Star Lo’s and the tongue h? To move to the side. It looks kinda weird and i dont like it? Not at all. I w rde? An L? Sung f? R m this? Gen. I was thinking maybe put through L? Cher through the tongue to the rsenkeln Schn?, Although I doubt that work w? Rde. Please do not enter L? Plausible solutions or ideas. Thank you? R each answer helped.

6 thoughts on “How do I keep converse shoe tongue slides to the side?

  1. bind them closely and make sure that the tongue in the middle if you stop, it happens mee too. This tip does not always work

  2. Fr? Ago I had f? R my Velcro, d? Nne strip on the top of the tongue on the sides and above with the sneakers, where they meet. . . its kind hard to explain Ren?, but I’m sure you can k? figure it out

  3. happened to me also say Lolich p w rde prolly firmly bind and i dont think the people over you f r funny because she was it you st rt then simply n Hen including a (???

  4. Converse on your R? E, as you wear it. Give them a little time to bind and to keep them properly and the tongues in position.

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