How do you remove the insoles of a shoe that is glued in?

Is it safe to just rip it out slowly? Will it damage my shoe? Now I try to change the insoles of my van shoes. How do I remove it? Some shoes are not bonded. To remove I can just. but these seem to be glued, but at least it is not sown in.Aber if I hold the deposit is too high uncomfortable. These are special inserts for my poor feet.

24 thoughts on “How do you remove the insoles of a shoe that is glued in?

  1. AS YOU KEEP wearing them but they would like to relax, as you try not to PULL OT It could be the inner sole of the sneaker WEAR RUIN

  2. If, as it seems, is really there, it’s not just glued, stapled it in. They will try all the shoes that break out. If the insole can come out without tearing, it will come with little effort. Vans are not just going to get for your special insole work.

  3. If you are wearing the shoes of the glue is hot and it will be easier to pull insoles not only the old map, but it will help the new, is soft to the glue stick.

  4. i only called you a dirte cunt because you bought vans shoes. other than good luck fider a way to remove the insoles. piece out man! (dc all the way)

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