How to fix a squeaky shoe sole?

I’ve read all the solutions on fixing the squeak between the insole and the sole. But none of those work. The source of my squeak is coming from the sole itself. I can take the insole out and it still squeaks. What is the most effective way of dealing with this without ripping apart my ($130) Jordan’s.

4 thoughts on “How to fix a squeaky shoe sole?

  1. I would take the shoes to a cobbler. There is a metal part inside the show (if I’m not mistaken) When the shoe starts squeaking a cobbler can take it apart and fix that piece. It shouldn’t cost you much either.

  2. all jordans begin to squeak after a couple of months

    it happened to all my jordan shoes and i have over 10 pairs of retros and 7 pairs of non retros

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