What to do when one foot is a shoe size smaller?

My right foot is one shoe size smaller than left foot. I always buy the bigger size, but that means that my right foot slips in my shoe a little. Does anyone know if there are inserts or special socks you can wear to stop the shoe from slipping? This particular shoe on my right foot fits perfect in the toe area, but it is my heal that is slipping giving me a blister on the back of the heal.

5 thoughts on “What to do when one foot is a shoe size smaller?

  1. I think you should just buy one shoe of each size. Tell the cashier your problem and I’m sure they will have no problem selling you two seperate sized shoes of the same type.

  2. Most people have this problem; humans tend to be a bit asymmetrical. Yes, you can do something about it. Get an insole to tighten up the loose shoe, or get heel pads to cure the slipping heel; these stick on the inside of the heel cup and tighten the fit of the heel cup around your foot. I usually put in an insole, and that does the trick.

    It’s possible, but more expensive, to buy one in each size, but that means you have to usually buy two pairs of shoes.

  3. Well depending on where you buy the shoes you could just get one shoe in each size, then wear them and put your old shoes in the box and pay for them and just tell the cashier you are wearing the new shoes, that way they don’t check the sizes. Problem solved.

  4. Here are some links:
    Some info: http://www. fittedshoe. com/SHOE_ARTICLES/Different_Size_Feet. htm
    Nordstrom: http://www. orthopedicquestions. com/mes-pt/5462. html
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    The Minus One Club: http://www. rcjone. com/
    Birkenstock Special Orders: http://www. birkenstockexpress. com/Services/specialorders. cfm/topnav2. 256

  5. Get your shoes custom made or buy shoes the size of your bigger foot, then add on pads to the front/toes and the back of the shoe for the shorter/smaller foot.

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