Why do girls twitch their foot when their legs are crossed while dangling their shoe?

Ladies i notice when girls are sitting with their legs crossed they always eventually begin to twitch their foot that is crossed over really fast from side to side. i guess you could call it a wiggle too. They do this too while they are dangling. They dangle their shoe to their toes then give the shoe or foot a wiggle while they dangle? Why is that? It looks so unique! Must be a girl thing!

12 thoughts on “Why do girls twitch their foot when their legs are crossed while dangling their shoe?

  1. That’s an interesting observation, and I do that as well. I suppose it’s just a habit, or something to do when you’re bored.

  2. Sometimes we dont realize were doing it. Or we are bored and need something to keep us occupied for a little. I was doing that earlier today and i didn’t even recognize it at first that i was doing it.

  3. it’s kind of an unconscious thing, we don’t really even know we’re doing it.
    nerves? boredom? maybe, haha, we, well, I don’t really know why we do it haha.

  4. lol funny question. . . i don’t know why girls do that but i do know that it does attract the opposite sex so that really must be true because you have noticed.

  5. its comfortable because if u keep ur leg completely still that you crossed over it’ll get all numb and tense
    its kinda fun too
    and sometimes i do it when i’m nervous

  6. It’s like looking at the ground randomly, biting your lips, or fisting your hands when you’re nervous.

    You just need to move something or you’ll eventually blow up, y’know? It’s weird, yeah. Twitching my foot is just another thing to calm me down.

  7. haha im doing it now. i cant sit stil to save my life and its more comfortblae when your not wearing shoes.

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