How can I wear metal jewelry without breaking out?

Well, I’m allergic to metal, if it is a piercing. I have my ears, my nose and my belly button pierced. I’m happy about my lips get done. None of this metal irritates my skin, but when I try and wear bracelets, necklaces, belts, rings and even break, I. Are there any tips on what to do to try and prevent my skin is not sufficient if I wear jewelry? How is it a cream or something like etwas.Ich on necklaces and stuff, but I can not bear without a rash to haben.Also any advice?

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  1. Go with Edelstahl.Sein what many surgical instruments are aus.Sicher for this reason it may not have the bling silver / platinum / gold, but you will avoid any allergic reactions, and its cheaper.

  2. Coat your jewelry with clear nail polish! ;) I do it all the time on my rings, so it will not again my finger green. . But I’m sure it would not help to break out! Because everything would be touching your skin, would be the nail polish.

  3. Well, you could try to find surgical stainless steel jewlery. This is what your ear, lip, belly, nose and rings are made of.

  4. What kind of jewelry you wear? I think it is important to recognize if you are allergic to nickel, copper or brass and are simply left out of the jewelry pieces. Alternatively, coat the inside with some clear nail polish – but make sure it is a top / bottom coat is not only a clear colored nail polish to help shield your skin is something, but you will still probably a slight rash. What should be the jewelry of your piercings off – if you are not allergic to the metal are internally, chances are you do not be allergic externally either so I think it’s a question of having an allergy to any of the above metals. Hope helped this.

  5. You are probably allergic to nickel. It has a great demand for nickel-free jewelry in recent years, and if you are looking for nickel-free jewelry, you’ll find many nice features. If you ever on eBay, an extended search and have it search for the word “nickel” in item descriptions to refine your Optionen.Jemand recommended that clear nail polish, this is an old trick. For me personally, this has never worked, but it could be for you. I have to completely avoid nickel.

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