How to do a lot of make-up college girls wear to class?

So this is a question for college girls. Many girls in my (large) university take much, much make-up in the class, and many girls wear no make-up. How much you want to wear? “I suspect the” typical “college girl is wearing lip gloss and mascara and that was it.

13 thoughts on “How to do a lot of make-up college girls wear to class?

  1. When I was in college, I wore black eyeliner and Maybelline lip gloss. That was all I had time for.

  2. i dont really think there is a “typical” college girls. . . im sure it varies greatly in each and every university. . . there are girls who care way too much about their appearance, when to go to school and wear heels everyday and lotsa makeup. . . and some girls that roll out of bed just to make it a 830am class on time (this was my first year). . . =-)

  3. I wear eyeliner and lip gloss, sometimes it’s a little eye shadow on, but not every day made

  4. Well, it depends on what kind of girl you’re talking about. I dont wear usually do, and when I do its foundation when my skin looks terrible, and Kajal. Some dont take all. And other girls you load it up.

  5. It depends. . If I have early morning class, there is no way I’m getting up even earlier, then I just need to slap on some eye shadow. I definitely wear makeup when I go out and everything. A happy between them is for me a little mascara and Burt’s Bees, like you said! :) Luckily I have good skin / foundation etc. isn’t so necessary if I am lazy. Hehe.

  6. The same amount I’ve ever worn, which is probably a little more drama than most. . .

  7. I only wear mascara, lip gloss eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation, and so in the medium term but I do not make it look that way, but not really noticeable to light

  8. I wear my mineral powder foundation, mascara, eyeliner and white. i dont think there is nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful, even if only for school.

  9. Early in the morning only blush and foundation. Only the basics. And since I’m walking out the door lip gloss. But if I have more time, I had mascara. I keep it pretty simple when I’m in a hurry.

  10. It is not really different from the professional world, except that there are more people who do not carry, all during the day because it will really not matter how you look at the lectures / study. A lot people are working, though, are continually in the process and extracurricular / interviews / whatnot, so often, you want your best, even though you just go to the university are aussehen.Wenn night, everyone wears make-up.

  11. I do not normally wear make-up to my classes because I sleep in. If I know how it is only Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, if I’m shiny, concealor if I have really bad spots or dark circles under the eyes, and mascara. I have seen other girls with eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss, but not much mehr.Ich know the whole face, when I go out on weekends when Foundation, concealor blush, highlighter, powder, lipstick or gloss, eye shadow, mascara, etc .

  12. It is automatic, foundation, eyebrows, eye shadow, mascara and gloss. Even during finals week.

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