9 thoughts on “What are some good wear clothes in extreme heat?

  1. Hopefully you will not be working outside! i dont think anything would be cool enough! try, a tank and basketball shorts. . . Drink tons of water!

  2. always wear a hat that both the front face and neck shades, I got a sunstroke when I was outside, because I working didntwie for other things I’d wear loose lightweight stuff, and use plenty of factor 30 sun cream or Sonnencremealles GuteIan

  3. loose clothing in a bright color, such as white, as it reflects the sun’s rays, and wear a hat:)

  4. I’m not sure whether you are working, because the in perception. Or actually do work (i. e construction, or so) or so, white cotton. is good. Cotton shorts, if you can. And stay hydrated, lots of water and Gatorade. A hat could help the sun from hitting you too hard and keep. Good luck and stay safe.

  5. Wear as little as possible and pay too much wear sunscreen! Remember, often again, how it works, and help you when you sweat, it contributes to schneller.Ich recommend light cotton clothing, because they lead to moisture helps. Make sure that you have a hat protects your face and neck from the sun, put sunscreen on the tops of the ears, if they are equally exposed to have! Do not forget by drinking plenty of water, not caffeinated beverages, as they actually stay dry, you feel yourself hydratisiert.Wenn overheating, you may pour water over his head to cool off auch.Good luck to work in this heat can certainly be unhappy! Remember, the winter a few months away, we want to be in summer again! :)

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