What clothes should you wear, while a survey Bartender position?

I have an interview coming up as a bartender / beer Slinger at a racetrack. I wanted to take some suggestions on what to the interview. You only get one “first impression” and I want to make a good one. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

6 thoughts on “What clothes should you wear, while a survey Bartender position?

  1. I would wear a white T-shirt, black vest and black jeans. It shows you are back and laid cool!

  2. A nice clean white shirt with long sleeves, detention, including shows what you got (subtle) Tucked away in a pair of black pants with your hair tied behind you in a sleek bun or ponytail before with sexy fringe. Ensure appropriate clean shiny shoes. Good luck. Good clothing one would confidently. Have your nails.

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  4. the same style that you would wear if you were to interview in an office. remember-interviews are a time when you sell, “are your abilities, you do not want to look” cheap “and give them the wrong impression of you. You must be confident and positive thinking. Go into this with an attitude you have to go to several interviews (even if you do not) that you seem so calm and collected is not high and hyper-tense of which are not the qualities they are looking for, they want someone who can handle difficult situations and yet respectful sein.Viel luck!

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