What in the world is acceptable to wear to a recruit graduation ceremony?

My boyfriend is going to be graduating from the police academy soon, and there is going to be a semi-formal reception afterwards. His TO’s and the Director are going to be there. What would be an acceptable thing to wear? I have no clue what “Semi-Formal” really means. Does it mean like a cocktail dress or something?

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  1. i would suggest a black below the knee or lower dress. . . . not too much cleavage but just enugh to bring out the black. . . . . with a long dressy scarf. . . . . you know the king the you just drape around your arms. . . . . this outfit will be respectable as well as sexy. . . . . . wear your hair in an updo and small pearl or diamond studs. . . . . . hope this helps. . . .

  2. hey girl i am in almost the same boat!!but i would rather have your problem!!!semi formal is dressy, but not like a prom!!if you have a small black dress you can dress it up with fancy jewelry, or even have your hair pulled up to make it a bit dressier. . . . my problem is that my husband is graduating from the police academy (he is a firefighter but wants to do the arson side of fire investigating) and it is a casual graduation. . . so i am stuck with jeans and a nice tank top, skirt and tank. . . too many options and what is TOOO casual. . . . .

    YOU should go with a black dress. . NOT TOO SHORT!!!sexy not slutty!!!silver jewelry (maybe even something with a little bling to it!!) and black open toed dress sandals. . . . you can never go wrong in a black sexy dress. . . show some back too. . . thats hot and not revealing. . stay away from any low scooping cleavage showing dresses, even if you have a great body. . you dont want to show it off at something like this!!!!

    My husbands fire academy graduation was semi formal, but i was pregnant. . . so i did not give much thought to it!!!i did see a lot of knee length tea dresses. . or just above the knee. . .

    i would stick with a more simpler dress and fancier jewelry because if you feel your too overdressed you can always take the jewelry off. . . (bring a more casual necklace /earrings and bracelet or anklet in your purse to tone it down if you feel too dressy!!)

    Hope this helped a little!!!!Remember, have fun and smile. . . you always look beautiful with a smile!!!

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