What is a good temperature to determine if you wear shorts or pants?

I live in california and it is usually 65-75 degrees here. In the morning its colder and gets hotter in the afternoon. I normally wear shorts but now I always see people wearing pants no matter what the temperature is. I want to wear pants though. When its sunny its a natural instinct to put on shorts, but most people wear pants. Any advice is appreciated. Im 13 btw.
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  1. there is really no rule for when you can wear pants or when you wear shorts for guys. usually girls dont wear shorts without stockings under till it is about 75 degrees out where i live, but guys wear shorts year long! go ahead and wear pants! no one is stopping you

  2. wunderground. com is amazing! just type in where you live and it will tell you the day’s forecast with descriptions and tips!

    good luck!

  3. Step out side and test the temperature. . . I usually wear shorts all year long while indoors, but I change when I go out. If the temperature is over 70ish during the summer, early fall, and spring, I will go outside in shorts. Also, if it is sunny and/or humid, I will wear shorts. Since I live in Boston, winters are usually cold, so I don’t wear shorts during that season even if it happens to be warm that day. I’d say wear whatever you feel like wearing without worrying about other people. If you wanna wear pants while everyone else is wearing shorts or vice versa, then go for it! :)

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