What percentage of women do not wear panties?

I know that some ladies do not wear panties. To an exact percentage of those who do not, it would be necessary for me to consider the hundreds of ladies. Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of doing so.

17 thoughts on “What percentage of women do not wear panties?

  1. ya. . . . . . I know everybody has Panit. . . not sure where ur getting at. . .

  2. Well I don `t know how many percent, but it` s easier if you want to be quick on the go. . . U know?

  3. I DO OMG! THAT’S NASTY! I’d rather not go COMMANDO! (I do not know how to write it if it wrong …)

  4. I only wear panties during the day. I sleep without it. Every woman needs to do that. . . You get more action from your husband so

  5. I only wear stockings and garter belts and no panties, and have not worn them since I was 14, and now I am 35, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!
    Once in a while I will wear a thong under jeans, but I dont like it very much!!
    You have to be a little careful, but once you have figured it out, it’s easy, and very enjoyable!!

  6. Underpants only came into style for women in the mid-1800s. Your great-great-granny probably didn’t wear any underpants (“drawers”).
    They DID wear underwear, though: underskirts, petticoats, one or more depending on the climate, season and occasion.
    Closed-bottom drawers became the norm after the manufactured menstrual pad was commercialized.

  7. I never wear panties…at least not normally and when I do…they are the tiniest things I can find…love the feeling of it..and how sometimes men get to see it too…;)

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