What should I wear to a masquerade party?

The invitation says, masks are mandatory, but I should just wear normal clothes? Does it take a good costume for a masquerade party?

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  1. I would ask the person who invited you before I have bought something, have überhaupt.Die most upper class dressing in masquerade parties involved extravigant dresses with feathers and sequins with matching masks. The Halloween store near you should have a few harlequin masks at the time. But I would definitely ask what the person before you buy to wear.

  2. Dress up like Groucho Marx! You can buy glasses and Groucho NoE piece of business with any good Halloween costumes. Dress in a suit Mans.

  3. Gold ANAD black are the colors. only wear gold or black strapless or short sleeve long dress or skirt. (The dress is better. You can easily go to the thrift to a few old clothes and dresses. Wear something colorful and mysterious. Do not wear normal clothes you do not fit into the rest of the crowd that way. Wear tip all over, even on your shoes. wear a shawl over the dress. if you just want something more casual wear then look for some old lace and nylon / polyester pajama sets. It will work. Set the mask look unique, but make it match with your outfit. Above all, have a great time at the party! Good luck!

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