What to wear under a white pencil skirt?

I bought a white pencil skirt for my step-daughters wedding wear. What would be likely to ruin under him, shall, without the appearance of the form fitting skirt? It is unlined.

4 thoughts on “What to wear under a white pencil skirt?

  1. A black string or black slip, and believe it or not, a little black panties could help you.

  2. You should also wear either a white defenetley string, or a nude color underwear. If you’re not comfotable wearing belt then maybe you should get naked panties color (skin color) boy shorts or bikini style. You can do this at Victoria Secret or Macy’s findenHope this helps!

  3. Do not wear black or white underwear. Or any color. This will show through like crazy. Try to get a flesh wound toned thong or something like spanx “Control shorts that hide panty line is not only smooth but the lines of your hips and thighs, when you consider it necessary, you are not empfinden.Wenn a belt carrier, laser cut microfiber Slips in a skin-colored tun.Good Luck! Do you have a great time at the wedding.

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