What type of top you wear with skinny jeans and Converse shoes?

I want to wear Converse shoes with Start Wearing skinny jeans, but what kinda top you with it? I do not want to look too butch or masculine.

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  1. Depends on what look you want. . . You could wear a wifebeater, you could wear a kind of grunge but feminine T-shirt, you could wear something girly Rock’n Roll. I just would associate with Chuck’s Rock ‘n Roll, so I think that inspires some sort of rock music, or top-inspired best ever. But this is only my opinion, it has up to your personal style.

  2. okay girl I wouldnt normally recommend interview with Skinny jeans wear. . . . But thats just me. If I can Women’s graphic tees, tanks recommend shark bite tanks, try theyre very flowy tank right now!

  3. All that I live in jeans and Converse, I wear my converse and skinny EVERYDAY lol, I have many pairs just about the obvious, but yes, depends, what are you looking for. . . If it’s the “emo / gothic look, tight black T-shirt? If it fits only an occasional glance kinda a normal T-shirt. . . If it is a rocky somehow look baggy T-shirt. . . . really goes with everything and maintain lean: P

  4. yesterday I was wearing my disadvantages. . with skinny jeans extra long white tank with this shirt on. . http://www. Abercrombie. com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10051_10901_589727_-1_12292_12205http: / / www. Abercrombie. com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/category1_10051_10901_12292_-1_12205. . . And each of the long shirts with em look cute. . I also wear my Pumas. . SOX no show or no. . I’ll also take a longer tube to the top. . Sometimes I even wear my studded belt with a more restrictive CK tank. . only the basic HCO. . ae. . Abercrombie or tanks. . only to see him a lil pop the belt cute:) I do not know how the teas or loose shirt’s with em. . it makes you look for a lil like a boy. . not that there’s nothing wrong with that, oh lol. . but with a more restrictive def longer or shorter top one with a belt around it to go up to break. .

  5. Many people wear graphic tees, tank tops, flannel shirts, the flowy, or almost everything. The great thing is that theyre skinny jeans super versatile. They wear T-shirts, jeans tighter because the large balance it out by showing your curves. You can wear tight shirts or shirts elegant, sexy for a glamorous look. :) But even if you want a casual look, I’d pick up a graphic tee. And the balance of colors. If the jeans are dark, I would like to pick up a light shirt with a dark image, or vice versa.

  6. They contribute nearly all the top with jeans and converse. I like to wear something flowy with cool patterns. If youw ant to see less bulky and masculine try to stick with exercise tops cling so to any bad sides do. In other words, get tops that fit well.

  7. id wear what I want to put a twist. Tank-tops, graphic tees, hoodies, even a cute cami or cardigan: D

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