What color corsage goes well with a blue dress?

I know, the obvious answer is a blue one (duh), but are there any other colors that would look good with a blue dress? I’m pretty sure that my homecoming date’s dress is just a regular blue (not navy or light or whatever), so yeah I’m looking for something to go with that. Thanks in advance.

4 thoughts on “What color corsage goes well with a blue dress?

  1. Actually, the corsage is never supposed to be the same color as the dress…

    Ivory would look beautiful depending on the shade of blue, white would suffice but really ivory would be better.

    Roses are the most common and typically thought of as the most romantic, but in my opinion orchids are far more lovely. They are more expensive, but worth it…

  2. 1) Never clash colors with the dress
    2) ivory is your best bet, unless it’s some kinda crazy blue
    ( just saying)

    – ivory
    – white

    and those are pretty much your only choices

    BTW : Your actually never supposed to have a corsage match the same color as your dress.

    I guess it’s too,
    same colorly?

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