What do cheerleaders call the panties they wear under their skirt?

They are not normal panties obviously and I believe they are worn over regular panties. But what are they called? Do you wear panties under them all the time or just sometimes? Do you feel embarrassed about people seeing them? Thanks.

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  1. Spandex.. Spankies.. Cheer shorts.

    You wear underwear underneath them

    & no, I never felt embarrassed. Their point was to hide our panties. The ones we had to wear were more like shorts than briefs.

  2. Yes you wear them under your skirt all the time…i dont think it matters if anyone sees them…idk what they are called…spankies? bloomers?

  3. Spankies, spanks, briefs.
    Yes you wear underwear with them cause thats what they’re made for, so people dont see your underwear.
    and no its not a big deal if people see them because I guarentee that they will when you’re coming down from a stunt, tumbling, or jumping.

  4. Spankies, or Bloomers.
    And no way, you wear the spankies so people don’t see anything when you do a cartwheel or jump, they just match your skirt, so its totally cool.
    Always wear underwear under the spankies!

  5. They’re called “spankys” and they are very UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!
    Well in my cheer squad we wear underware under them ALL THE TIME!!
    Some squads DON’T!!!

    Well every time I do a back hand spring or a flip flop in front of judges at competition I dont get embarrased at them seeing my spankys, but at school in front of my peers and the whole school YEAH!!!
    Well it’s better than my underware showing!!

    :) FaBuloUS :)

  6. Hey, I’m a cheerleader. They are called bloomers. Yes, of course I wear underwear with them all the time. They are made to wear underwear under them. lol and I’m not really embarassed about people seeing them because we wear them so when we jump, the people see the bloomers, and not our underwear lol hope i helped

  7. spankies or briefs

    But whats the deal with them… they are pretty much underarmer that we do wear over panties, yes all the time! the reason we wear them is to keep from being so revealing. when you are tumbling or stunting you don’t want to be flashing your goodies for the world to see. not to mention if somthing does go wrong in a stunt you might have to be caught in a strange place. and i for one don’t want any hands touching my stuff

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