What should i wear on my interview at a stripclub?

The job is for a waitress. I obviously know they wear hot outfits even as wait staff. I have no idea what to wear though. I suck at picking out clothes. Pictures or just clothing tips would be great!

6 thoughts on “What should i wear on my interview at a stripclub?

  1. What will happen is that you will start working there and they will start trying to get you to strip. Don’t work at a strip club.

  2. just wear regular clothes, you can wear a nice bikini under or whatever
    skimpy outfit you feel comfortable in. their probably going to want to
    see you in something more revealing anyway. or just go there before
    you apply and see what the waitresses are wearing and find something
    close to that and either wear it underneath your regular clothes or
    bring it to change into when you apply.

  3. I can’t advise you on the style, I’d guess that you should scope out what the other waitresses are wearing first. You may want to wear a wrap or something over it, but make sure it doesn’t look like it’s just there to cover up your outfit. A transparent/sheer shirt or jacket can even add to the sexiness if you do it right, though it’ll make you look a little more toned down.

    However, you should definitely choose an outfit that will make you feel comfortable and confident, regardless of how racy it is. A strip club will want sociable, amiable staff, and they will definitely want someone who does appear to be ambiguous about the “moral” implications. I would do my best to look comfortable and enthusiastic about the environment.

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