What should I wear to my home depot interview?

I just got a second job and I don’t know what to wear.Its a home depot, I want to look nice, but I dont want to look to girly or dressy since I will be working at a hardware store, yet I want to look businessy , but not over the top, any ideas on what I should wear?

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  1. well i would just wear some jeans, pull your hair back(some of the girls who work there just give their hair the little bump then pull it back..its soo cute)
    back 2 your outfit though, I’d say a cute simple top thats like white or gray. not a tee-shirt tho..like those cute new shirts that go to your elbow, are kind of tight, and just wear a small necklace

  2. Something casual. I have been trying to get in there as well jobs seem to be scarce in my erea of the country.

  3. Just because this is an interview for Home Depot, don’t treat it so easily. First impressions are everything in a job interview. Just wear a nice blouse, preferably white, pencil straight pants (the kind you would wear to a chorus concert). But you can still pull the chic look off. Find a chunky belt and wear it over the blouse. Not the studded kind or the punk-rock kind. Just like a woven one you could find at J. Crew. Wear some nice black heels. If it’s still cold where you live, wear a black jacket (if you have one) with the big buttons in the front. That will give the boss (or whoever is interviewing you) a nice I’m-still-chic-but-business look that should blow him (or her) away. Best of luck!!

  4. hey heather how ya been? well my friend got a job at home depot and she wore some khaki pants really nice (the ones with the light pin stripes ya know) and and some cute shoes(not high heels or anything but like some brown shoes that were nice and comfy) and she wore a light red shirt that was girly and cute and wore a nice belt and they hired her on the spot because they said they like the fact she didnt come in there with a not caring attitude and she was nice and respectable and her appearance was wonderful that was what the manager told her. so try something like that. <3 hope this helps

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