14 thoughts on “Whats the difference between hips and love handles?

  1. hips are basically the width of your hipbones… but love handles are fat. you can feel the difference if you grip the sides of your hips/lower waist.

  2. hey your picture looks like mine, Love handles is a little fat arounf your hips and hips are just hips

  3. Love handles are extra fat that settles above the hips. Man would it suck to have love handles. Good thing I don’t!

  4. hips are a part of your bone structure
    love handles are the pockets of fat just above your hips. if you’re lucky you don’t have any

  5. hips are where your thigh bones meet your torso. Love handles are the areas on your back (to the sides) that are kind of fatty and if your jeans are too tight, it makes them look like a “muffin top”

  6. hips are what i don’t have enough of. i figure i can make it look like i have bigger hips by having smaller love handles. will it work? lol

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