Can my hair grow while wearing a wig?

Just a question, Hairdresser fucked up my hair and now I look like a douchebag, But if I have a wig will my hair still grow under it? I am only planning on wearing the wig when going outside.

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  1. yes of course but i would only wear it when necessary to allow blood to get to your hair roots.. which is part of what makes your hair grow… not allowing the blood flow to your hair roots wont allow it to grow as quickly.. just like guys balding from wearing hats all the time

  2. i don’t think it will really affect the growth of your hair if you don’t usually wear it, just like what you said. try to comb your hair and sit down in a sunny weather so your hair will get fresher and then wear it when u go outside

  3. Yes you can, especially if you don’t do any manipulation to your hair and try to cover up the damage. Just wear it when you need to and treat it so it can get better and it’ll be fine.

  4. I am a professional hair stylist and i say hell yea more faster then you styling your own hair because the hair is meant to let grow naturally without any chemicals in it so if you wear the wig you give your hair plenty of relief from shampoo conditioner perms hairspray and all those other chemicals. it may sound nasty but your hair grows more when its dirty lol its true tho. why do you think indians hair grow so long its because they use natural ingredients in there hair so it can be free of chem. Shampoo and condit and perms and any other hair supply forces the hair to do things it would naturally not do. So don’t worry about nt growing this what you call a natural process and don’t worry about balding fyour not going to just leave it there forever lol from time to time take the wig off and comb in different directions like at night leave it off or if your with a guy leave it on lol have you tried a lace wig you may love it cuz its made for hair loss. and that girl who told you the blood won’t flow thru your head bull **** never heard of that for 7 years in this profession and my pops is a doc blood aint got nothing to do with your hair let me not throw my med school experience at this page hope i helped lol

  5. Hiya,

    Your hair can grow under a wig – wigs don’t affect hair growth, hair growth is down to how you treat your hair.

    Quick tips are:
    moisturise with a water based moisturiser
    deep condition with heat once per week
    don’t heat style too often

    Do that and your hair will be fine – I have and it works.



  6. Your hair will grow underneath a wig. Don’t use any chemicals that will alter your natural texture. Do not sleep in your wig, because it will break your hair from the movement while sleeping. Drink plenty of water,shampoo biweekly and use a moisturizing conditioner and don’t forget to massage your scalp for stimulating blood flow. This supports growth as well. Keep in mind your hair will grow if you don’t disturb it will rough combing, brushing,blow drying, always comb with a wide tooth comb when wet and no chemicals. If you have a husband or boyfriend buy a satin cap to cover up your head if you aren’t comfortable. However, as much as possible do not wear the wig inside or to bed.

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