what color are the vagina lips supposed too be?

I know people say they range in shape, size and color, but is dark pinkish purple normal? Or is that bad? I mean you see models and porn and they have like perfect lips and its all pink. . Are girls still normal if its dark?

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  1. Different women will have different colors. Don’t pay attention to the porn or models. They had surgery so it looks “pretty. “

  2. LMFAO it varies. depends on their skin tone. it’s normally around the same color or a tint darker. LMFAOOOO

  3. yes, it’s perfectly normal.
    oh & just because it’s porn doesn’t mean it isn’t photo-shopped.

    I don’t know what that dude up there is talking about, I’ve never had surgery on my hoo-hoo. I have heard of Labia-plasty (that’s surgery to reduce the size of the inner vaginal lips or labia) but just because a woman has pretty lips doesn’t mean that she’s had the surgery.

  4. age and previous pregnancies can effect the color as well as just what is normal for your skin type! If you are worried, a physical should solve any questions you have!

  5. everyones different, it depends on your skin tone. if its green tho, you probably need to get checked! :)

  6. I had no idea they were supposed to be a certain color. It’s all beautiful to me.

    Besides. . . if your with some guy and he gets to the point where he can see your pussy, the color won’t stop him from having sex lol. So. . . there is no problem don’t worry.

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