19 thoughts on “What color highlights would look good on a light ash blonde?

  1. if you’re going ash blonde you should probably get low-lights instead. i would go for a caramel-ish color.

  2. i think light brown and darker blonde. also if you want to be risky put a light pink streak underneath your hair.

  3. dont do something too extreme, unless that is what you want like black or red

    but a different shade of blonde would be pretty


  4. If you’re an ash blonde that means that you will have green undertone, so you want to go with a reddish brown lowlight (that’s the correct term), highlight is going lighter, lowlight is adding a darker color. You don’t want BLONDE on ashe. . . . it will end up looking green and yellow.

  5. i would say either a really light blonde. . . a light brown or a dark brown but underneath the blonde not on top

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