What color lingerie/panties do you wear under a white summer dress?

I have a sundress that is very light and I’m trying to figure out what undergarments to wear under it. Like what color panties? If I have tan skin. People say nude or white. But I have dark/tan skin and I’m wondering if that will work. I don’t wear dresses a lot so I’m just wondering. What color thong? Thanks.

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  1. if it’s a white dress, don’t wear white undies, since they will show, especially if you have dark skin! wear a shade that resembles your natural skin tone, or wear a slip underneath the dress.

  2. White lingerie under a white dress/clothing is a no-no, since it shows through. Instead, opt for a nude or flesh color bra and thong that is close to your skin tone for a virtually invisible look. Also, a lot of the microfiber bra and panties available today are seamless which gives you a more finished look.

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  3. you could go commando which would be a good option as then no one will see your panties as your not wearing any, wear what ever colour panties that you want, white will show up more with your skin tone so go for darker colours which closely match your skin tone which should help to make them less visible through the dress, you could also wear a slip which would stop people being able to see your panties

  4. Get a Hanky Panky low rise thong. They make them in lots of colors including tan and brown. They are really comfortable too.

  5. Whatever matches your skin tone. Nude may work. If your wear a cami and it shows that could be on purpose.

  6. I would wear Nude color anyway as it will show through your dress again depends how thing otherwise wear a slip.

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