What color nail polish and makeup should I wear with a black and white striped dress?

The dress is a black and white bandage dress. I’m wearing black heels with it so I definitely need a pop of color. I do not really want to wear red or a French manicure, I want something a little different but I can not think of a color. For the makeup, any suggestion is helpful! Thank you! :) This is for a winter formal dance. So, my hair is dark dark brown and my eyes are like a hazel greenish goldish color (they change colors).

6 thoughts on “What color nail polish and makeup should I wear with a black and white striped dress?

  1. Maybe a Lightish pink would look really pretty:) you could then do a cool shimmery pink eyeshadow and then as you get farther away from your eye, go to like, a dark gray. Possibly the oppoisite way? Smokey eye would look really pretty too:) If not pink, what about orange? That’s what I did for homecoming:)

  2. That’s the great thing about a black and white dress. . . You could wear any color of nail polish you want bright pink would look cool. Or maybe blue or purple when it comes to makeup make sure you use something that is water proff that you will not sweat off to much. Try using a primer before foundation and waterproof mascaraGood look and have fun:)

  3. try using accessories for your pop of color. You dont want people being drawn to your hands and overlooking the main pretty deal of your dress, hair and makeup. I would just have them clear or nude. Thats just what I think though. Good luck, I am sure you will be gorgeous anyway it goes:)

  4. If you want a pop of color you should wear a bold necklace or earrings and match your nail color to that. Perhaps something to match the color of your eyes. At the same time black and white is so classy a bright color it may clash. As for your eye make up definitely go for the smokey look, gray on the lid and a dark charcoal on the creas of your eyes. Hight light and contour your face to bring out your features. A bright lip stick would be a good pop of color.

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