What color shoes you wear with gray pants?

I have a lighter pair of gray pants that I normally wear with a navy shirt or light blue shirt. But it seems, go to any of my shoes with the outfit. What color would this combo work? Please help! Thank you!

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  1. Navy blue. . . You can not wear black shoes with a dark blue shirt. . . It is as you try to look like game, but you dressed in the dark!

  2. If you could change your shirt to a black shirt and then add as bright red shoes. . . . . Thats awsome!

  3. I now have gray pants with black sandals. No one at work has nothing about it not matching yet, and the day is almost over, said.

  4. Black with a black handbag. Always try your shoes fit your accessories if you wear an outfit like this.

  5. Find a color that the T-shirt, you carry with you the results. That will look good. Gray is the new black, you can wear over everything with him.

  6. Pink goes with gray GREAT. Grey is a pretty neutral color just about everything that entails.

  7. Black. Black shoes can with almost any outfit. It is the type and style of black shoes that you have to be careful.

  8. Do not be afraid to experiment, yes, we know all that goes with everything black. Try red, or even the same blue, but a lighter blue, though. Imagine yourself in the mirror when you have nothing better to do and experiment with your clothing and shoes and accessories.

  9. It depends on the shirt and the occasion. Last time I saw many girls use yellow, blue and red and it looks really nice. looking for a more subtle wear black or white.

  10. Black is the safest option. Navy would work if you wear a navy or red top would work if you wore a black top.

  11. every shoe should fit. Gray is one of those magic colors, everything seems to go with. but in my opinion look better for bright colors. . . where a pair of bright blue heels, turquoise or even a deep blue. . . . If you are a business look stick to black. . . . Unfortunately, it seems, to the comfort color, if people are not sure something matches

  12. The shoes, the color should be worn with gray trousers ussually get a silver shoe or shirt with the blue suit you can find a closer shade of blue shoes, shirt. . . preferably the silver shoes. . Try it. .

  13. Sometimes black, but usually I like to be a shoe in bright red or purple, or something in a print shop, such as crocodile or wear animal print.

  14. If you’re a blue shirt to do a bright red shoes would look great. But it really depends on the T-shirt.

  15. depends what you are looking for look. if u are looking for the hot electrifying, you can go electric blue. gray pants are versatile, they go so to pretty with everything. The only thing I warn u dont go crazy with the game. as in matching top with the shoes. u usually can with a lighter color top with a dark shoe (both can go completely different color). Another thing to watch out not one shoe that’s the same sound value as wearing the pants themselves. u dont want to mix it. It is a color / value look. its very dangerous.

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